Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world at Monk's on Mondays

I took off work today for Monk's Mad Monday the President's Day Holiday. Thought it was perfect timing to discover what goes on during these Mad Monday promotions that Tom Peters throws every third Monday of the month.

Turns out, Jodi and Tom hosted what seemed to be the entire East Coast sales team of Sierra Nevada. Well, not quite, but yet it was still an impressive corporate turnout for the SN team as Monk's poured all four 30th Anniversary beers, the new and well-received Hoptimum, Estate, and Life & Limb.

Of this Life & Limb, I may have overheard that this is making a re-collaboration comeback in the late summer timeframe. That'll be nice, though the original bottled version is holding up quite nicely and mellowing as best a strong beer like this can.

Met an affable guy, too, that claimed to be Tommy's neighbor — though, I'm not sure he wasn't an overzealous BA posing as a neighbor to watch for beer deliveries to the Gannon household. Of course, I jest.

Oh, and I really haven't found out if anything goes on during these Monday events. It seems that they just drink a lot of pretty good beer and you never know just who might show up. That works. All in all, a swell way to celebrate a day off from work and my freedom to pursue better beer.

(L-R: Tommy Gannon; Bill Rauner; Tom Peters; Patrick Mullin; Steve Olintz)

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