Thursday, February 24, 2011

By March 1, it will have been quite a string of 28 days.

It took until late in the month, but with the announcement of Monk's Mad Monday (and a pretty Mad one at that, considering the inclusion of a bunch of Russian River beer and the highly sought after Pliny the Younger) on this coming Monday the 28th, the Philadelphia region's beer calendar for the month of February had at least one scheduled event on every day of the month.

What this all means, who knows? But, as the keeper of these calendars, I thought it worth pointing out for some reason.

Well played, brewers and bar owners. Reps too; you all must be at least a little fatigued by this point.

Now let's march on to March. I hear the weekend of 3/11-3/13 is going to be pretty special. Remember last year?

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