Sunday, February 12, 2006

Beer Tasting: Stegmaier Anniversary IPA

Stegmaier (by Lion Brewing Co.) - Anniversary IPA There's been a lot of buzz around this beer, so we just had to try it. ("Joe Six Pack" of the Philadelphia Daily News listed it as one of his top 5 beers of 2005.) We tried to put aside any prejudices and were moderately pleased with it. Have you tasted this beer? Let us know what you think. As a suggestion, try to keep it to as few as words as possible for each of the following: appearance; smell; taste; mouthfeel; and drinkability. Appearance Adam: Apricot, thin ring head Bryan: Pours with minimal head and a pale caramel color Smell Adam: Malty, hoppy, very present, apple Bryan: Very pleasant and aromatic hop nose. Taste Adam: Not bitter, malt and hops balanced; slight tangy finish that lingers a bit Bryan: Not quite full-bodied flavor, the taste falls apart quickly. Mouthfeel Adam: Slightly carbonated, smooth Bryan: Best when served cold; just a bit syrupy Drinkability Adam: Definitely able to drink a couple Bryan: Not an IPA powerhouse, but definitely easy-to-please for an IPA amateur. Seconds? Adam: Yes if Hop Devil wasn't on tap Bryan: One was enough.

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