Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How to identify and deal with off flavors in homebrew

I've listened to the good guys at Basic Brewing Radio do a podcast (roughly two hours in length) on the subject of identifying, fixing, and preventing off flavors in homebrew. It was extremely fascinating and the guys that joined together to do the sampling seemed to oddly enjoy the session. The kit that they used was from FlavorActiv, which can be purchased through the Brewer's Association Beertown.org website. A bit expensive at $150. But, the number of samples suggests that it could possibly be split between several people. From the sound of the podcast, this is an extremely worthwhile investment of time and money for anyone serious about making the very best possible homebrew, while reducing the chance for error. p.s. For anyone new to the world of podcasting, remember this one key piece of advice: You Don't Need An iPod!! There are two kinds of podcasts: video and audio. All audio podcasts are is (typically) mp3 files. So, just go to their website and play the mp3 file through your media player of choice.

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Adam said...

$150 eh...hmmm...I'll have to think about it. I really like the idea though. I'm alway interested in learning new stuff.