Sunday, February 19, 2006

Event: Fourth Annual Victory Chili Challenge

The Fourth Annual Victory Chili Challenge is being held today at Victory Brewing and guess what! Our very own Bryan will be there with his chili. I've tasted it before and it is definately up to the challenge :-) I think he has some Storm King Stout in there and some venison as well, but, I don't want to give too much away. I'll be showing my support by attending later today. Good luck Bryan! BTW there is another reason for me to go today. Victory tapped their Ten Years Alt recently and I'm very interested in tasting it. If you're there, look for us and say hi. UPDATE! :-( Bryan didn't win. I'm definately disappointed. I honestly thought he would. Ah well...we had a great time. Thanks Bryan. I'll leave any further comment to you. On another note....the Alt was really good. Maybe we'll get together tonight and taste some from the growler I brought home. We'll post about it later if we do :-)

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