Monday, November 09, 2009

The Brew Lounge does not tolerate the word that rhymes with, but does not taste as good as, ham

Nor will I allow it to alter the way we do business around here. Lately, spam has picked up in the comments to levels never seen before around these parts. Such is the way of the web I'm sure; still, I don't pretend to understand the point of it, regardless of whether it's human or robot sending out this value-less crap. I will not turn on "comment moderation"...which for those uninitiated means some form of cryptic password that you need to enter just in order to post a comment and some form of queuing up comments for me to "approve." That, in my opinion, takes away from the spirit of encouraging effective and efficient communication. Some days it flows around here and other days...not so much. But, I won't spammers get in the way of that sort of productive communication. So, keep on keeping on, Mr./Ms. Spam-a-lot. I can keep up. As fast as you put it out there, I delete it. Everyone else, please carry on with the work at hand. p.s. hm, on second thought, BrewLounge and Spam just became more highly searchable on the Web. ggrrr. (okay, so now I've changed the title to address that potential issue)

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Jeff Bearer said...

it's a shame you can't add a captcha service like re-capthca to a blogger blog. I did a quick search and it doesn't seem to have integration from google.