Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tidbits from around the craft brew-niverse

Cleaning out my to-read list of the past week or so, I have a few good reads to share with you here, that if I don't they will quickly wind up in the dustbin. Plus, it passes the time while I'm in Columbus. Scoats shares a revealing story of meat and how it gets from field to your dinner plate at The Grey Lodge. Cathedral Hill closes in San Francisco with a song from Allagash and so does a chapter on beer dinners. I wouldn't suppose that it will be long for The Beer Chef to begin a new chapter. Am I more like Jack than I would have ever admitted? Does anyone but Jack really understand me (at least when it comes to love for the game of baseball)? I swear, Jack's take on the sport sounds a lot like arguments I've had with people (like a nimrod a few weeks back who said baseball wasn't a really sport because there's no strategy) about its merits. Check in over here for a good cause Aspen Street was a favorite of ours back when we lived in the neighborhood. Hopefully, a return to its glory days is in the cards once again.

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