Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dominique Friart of St. Feuillien has a full schedule in Philly

St. Feuillien visits Philadelphia and is making the most of its trip. The charming and engaging owner, Dominique Friart will be out 'n' about during the week after next. I'm likely missing a stop or two of hers, so if you know of more that haven't hit the "official" calendar, feel free to add it below in the comments section. I've met her once before and highly recommend trying to make it out to one of these events. You've got three different environments to choose from. A sit-down dinner event at a fabulous restaurant not necessarily known for its beer. A Monk's meet 'n' greet functioning as a pay-as-you-go event. And, a grand opening party at the new Fork & Barrel in East Falls where Friart will help to kick off this Euro-beer bar with style. Enjoy! Wed. 10/13: Beer Dinner at Parc Restaurant, 6:00pm-10:00pm; $75 Thu. 10/14: Meet Dominique Friart at Monk's Café. There will be kegs of Saison, Tripel, Brune, La Blanche, and Cuvee de Noel. 5:30pm. Cash bar. Fri. 10/15: Grand Opening Party at Fork & Barrel with special guest Dominique Friart, owner of St. Feuillien. They will be cracking a very special 9 Liter bottle of St. Feuillien Triple from 2005!

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