Monday, October 04, 2010

Update on the Chocolate Cherry Imperial Stout (or whatever it will eventually be called)

(All packed up and ready for a ride up the street)
(One final look at the emaciated sour cherries in the secondary fermenter/glass carboy)
(Just about finished racking to the keg)
(Closed up and under a protective layer of CO2)
Off to the NonConFermist for cooperage until such time that I can bottle it. The "downtime" shouldn't be bad for it. Now in a keg under a protective blanket of CO2, it will have approximately a month to settle out from its secondary fermentation on ten pounds of sour cherries. A little taste test reveals a beer with dark chocolate hints in the aroma and flavor, obvious sour cherry flavor, and an alcohol heat that is probably pushing 10% ABV. Seems, so far, that this could turn out to be a real nice winter "warmer" to be enjoyed by the fire in December through March. A parson is a nonconforming minister, according to the dictionary--I looked it up. Think I'll call Adam my beer's parson until he turns it back over to me.


andrew said...

how do those cherries taste after all that time in there? could you chocolate coat them? hmmm...

Adam said...

I've been called worse.

The beer is in good hands. It's sitting in the basement right between the Franken Stoutenporter and Mike's forgotten cider. Don't worry the house centepedes haven't figured out how to tap a keg...yet.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Well, Andrew...Adam and I tasted them and they were very tannic without any noticeable sweetness left at all. Chocolate-covered, eh? Good thought, but a bit too late as they got dumped instead.