Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Of Infographics and Curtins and Happy May Day

Jack Curtin's got us all hooked up lately with infographics. It might explain why I didn't see him at a Suburban Beer Week dinner at Craft Ale House on his home turf. Though, since these kind of postings can be auto-generated, he might very well have skipped town. Or it could've been one of those "got-eight-simultaneous-deadlines" things that actually isn't such a bad problem to have, at least financially speaking.

(UPDATE: I now see that he'll be brewing at Tröegs in Hershey later this week. Apparently, it's for some type of PBW '12 challenge between him and Lew Bryson to culminate with an event of some kind at Standard Tap. So, he's probably been busy concocting the recipe.)

First he tipped us off to one depicting the fine "cantacular" brews of Sly Fox (though, I can't say I truly understand the comments made in the trailing section. Then, came one touting the beauty of well-made beer (fka, Craft Beer). All about how to drink it, why to drink, when to drink it, and what to eat with it.

Then, back to Sly Fox, he hooked us up with a video reminding us all why the Goat Races and Bock Festival are so beloved.

Finally, since today's posting has been brought to you by the word "infograhic", here's one more infographic dug up for you by my own personal individualistic self of me. Bemoan that we may, the development and broadcasting of news has/is changed and the graphic does a fine job of pointing out the whats and hows of it all.

So, there you have it. It's a lot to absorb, so I might suggest hunting down some Victory Summer Love beer as it gets released on this first day of May. If you're nearby their Downingtown, Pa. base camp, they're running special deals on Summer Love today that you might wish to take advantage of.

Bill Covaleski promised that they'd try to release it sooner this year in light of all the press it got being named a Top Ten Beer of the Year by some guy over at The Washington Times in the Communities section ;-) Looks like they've delivered; enjoy!

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