Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Philly Beer Scene awards

The 2012 Philly Beer Scene awards took place while was on the big Belgian trip.

Lew Bryson was there and covered it with his perspectives.

Jack Curtin posted the full list of winners.

And, Philly Beer Photo Guy about town, Steve Lyford, documented it in a pile of pictures that you can find via this link.

Also sticking with theme of posting all the pictures you take (sorry, guys, it's too easy to jab at), Philly Beer Scene posted pictures at its Facebook account.

As I mentioned in the comments at Curtin's site, in brief: "...look at the winners and give them the credit they deserve, almost all of which are difficult to argue. And, celebrate all of the nominees (whom, if I’m not mistaken, are chosen by their peers, not the public) that go a long way in making up our rich fabric..."

Just in time for Philly Beer Week to begin.

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