Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Philly Beer Week 2012: Day 1 Preview

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At least a day prior to each day of Philly Beer Week 2012, I'll be posting up a small look into what to expect both in terms of the day's calendar of events as well as key/significant/interesting events as well as where you might likely spot me during the day and/or night.

Here's a look into the first day, June 1.

For the ravenous beer geeks
~ The hardcore beer geeks, I predict will show up at least one of the following events: Barrel-aged Terrapin beer at Varga; the Bella Vista Bash at Devil's Den; Gypsy brewers at Tria Fermentation School; and Mikkeller at Farmers' Cabinet.

For the hungry
~ If you've not eaten at Brauhaus Schmitz, you likely don't know what you're missing. You're in luck here where head chef, Jeremy Nolen, will be hosting a dinner at Cook.

~ Food, beer, and Bill Covaleski (Victory Brewing Company) sounds like a great way to get to know the new Alla Spina on North Broad Street.

For the wild and wacky and downright different
~ There likely is not a sight to behold more wild and wacky than the Hammer of Glory tour route that it will embark on beginning at 7 a.m. at Devil's Den and wrapping up an exhausting 12 hours later at the Opening Tap event in historic Old City Philadelphia at the Independence Visitors Center. It's not very practical to think that many would follow the Hammer for the full 12 hours, but if you haven't seen it en route in the past, be sure to check this out during at least one of its stops along the way. So far, the weather looks to be cooperating for this unique "parade", so use this opportunity to start your Philly Beer Week on a fun note — like there's any other way.

~ Do you want to see folks dressed in tank tops, trucker hats, and daisy dukes? I probably don't; hold on while I re-consider the daisy dukes. Varga Bar is having Southern food event that sounds like a blast if you do.

Possibly under the radar
~ Since I'll almost likely be taking the train in from the 'burbs, it goes without saying that I'll be at Bridgewater's Pub inside 30th Street train station multiple times during the week. On this first day, they'll be showcasing Czech Pilsners from Staropramen. Count me there too to help lift this on to the radar.

~ Doobies always seems off the radar. But, on June 1, they've got Matt Allyn and a bunch of his beers in tow that should make for a swell evening.

~ Resurrection Ale from Brewer's Art (Baltimore) is back courtesy of Sly Fox Brewing Company. It'll be around town, but why not take it in at Resurrection Ale House?

Learn something
~ There's a connection to Philadelphia'a brewing past buried at Christ Church in Old City. Learn more any night of the week at 5:30 p.m. for a short tour.

And for The Brew Lounge
~ As much as I talk up the Hammer of Glory, I just took off over two weeks from work to hang out in Belgium. Taking another day off work at this point simply is not in the cards.

~ Opening Tap is fun, but there is so much else going on during it. Used to be that very little happened until Opening Tap officially kicked things off, but times have changed. Seeing the Mayor do his ceremonial tapping is always cool and a lot of who's-who is typically inside, but I may pass on it this year to search out what else is going on during it. Like...

~ I still have not been to American Sardine, so swinging by for some cheese and Ommegang beer sounds like a fine way to get the night underway.

~ Then over to P.O.P.E. to find out how they handle this "World's Smallest Toast" from La Chouffe that I've been hearing more about in the last couple of weeks.

~ Up to Devil's Den for the Bella Vista Bash could get me in trouble, time-wise, but looking at some of the rare draft lines that they'll have flowing might make it quite worth the risk.

~ Monk's will be one of the first places to showcase the PBW collaboration beer between Iron Hill and Brasserie Dupont in Belgium. Stopping in for a quick one would be appropriate.

~ While in Belgium, Sly Fox's head of sales, Patrick Mullin, convinced me that Fergie's should be the proper place to descend upon after Opening Tap — or wherever the night has taken you up until that point. Live bluegrass music and Sly Fox beer sounds like the right ticket.

That's a bit much to digest for the first day. I'll see what I can do to condense the recommendations in coming days, but I make no promises; you might have heard, Philly Beer Week is huge!

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