Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: July 2012 catch-up, installment #2

More goodies from the last couple of months here to continue sharing with you. Probably expect one or two more of these by the week's end. Hopefully, you're enjoying these and learning a little something or more that you hadn't heard before.

~ Carolyn Smagalski wrote an interesting article touching on Philadelphia history, Rich Wagner, and homebrewing at where of all places? The Fairmount Water Works behind the Art Museum along the Schuylkill River. Very interesting reading indeed.
~ And, this happened during Philly Beer Week. I was on the fence about heading to this event. Actually, still haven't been to Frankford Hall. Sorta tough getting past Johnny Brenda's and Barcade.
~ Yesterday, I mentioned the Philly Beer Run 5-K. Promise this will be the last time I mention it until next year (or at least a few months). Here's a link over to Facebook, where Dock Street loaded up a bunch of pictures from the day of music, beer, food, and running.

~ Susquehanna Brewing Company of Pittston, Pa. has announced that two of their brands are now available in bottles across their markets. They say: "Our Sixth Generation Stock Ale and Goldencold Lager are now available by the case at local distributors and by the bottle at bars. It’s the kind of beer you can enjoy all day long, if you're so inclined." SBC, you may recall, is where Shiner brewer, Jaime Jurado, wound up after moving from Texas.
~ Jack took a little heat for picking on this "low-hanging fruit". Really? Rotten fruit, perhaps. Okay, now I'm guilty as well. Er, wait; one of my new beer resolutions was to stay away from the negative. I've been praised for focusing on the positive and leaving the negative to others. Well, I'm gonna jump on this bandwagon first and then point you over to Mr. Bengel for his thoughts. And, Part 2.
~ Now, for more positive. Victory has (oops, had) a contest to give a few lucky homebrewers the ability to harvest and use wet/fresh hops from Victory's sources. Since the contest has already passed, I'm trusting there'll be more of a story after the lucky winners have their day in the next few weeks or so.

~ This is just plain wrong and a public service announcement for the next time you're looking for a place to (not) drink in Austin.
~ I actually tasted this beard beer when at Rogue Ales Public House in San Francisco and, not surprisingly, it did NOT taste like Maier's, or anyone's, beard. It's really just New Crustacean (Old Crustacean barleywine with an obvious twist).
~ Jay Brooks posted up some great pictures from the reportedly great Firestone Walker Invitational beer festival.

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