Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 1/14/13

Well, I sure got back into the swing of things with weekly notes/links wrap-up for you here in the first week of the new year.

My previously-announced move of this weekly segment to Saturday mornings will need to wait for one more week, for those of you that like to get your reading caught up early on weekend mornings.

Back to the usual format of Philly - Regional - Rest of the World. This week, "Rest of Planet Beer" will get you caught up with the Westvleteren madness that invaded the States at the end of 2012. Was it worth it? Well, only those of you that shelled out money for the beer can say for sure.

~ For Philly Beer Week, this happened two days ago. And, this was the result.
~ Love the Dayman tie-in to Philadelphia.
~ My old friends at Fishtown Beer Runners are still running…and getting great press.
~ Cool news from Brauhaus Schmitz.

~ This has been announced up in the Lehigh Valley.
~ These guys at Neshaminy Creek in Croydon exceeded my expectations as well as their own in 2012. Here are some year-end notes from them.
~ This is interesting more so because of who is moving in rather than who is moving out (at least from a good beer perspective).
~ Interesting times in the world of marketing and craft beer. I don't know anything about this television show, so I don't see the parallels as I'm sure many of you do.
~ The Wench is keeping tabs on what's going on back in her native northeast part of the country. Here she finds what's up with the collaboration beer brewed at Blue Point to benefit Long Island's Barrier Brewing Company.
~ And a bit on how Ommegang Brewery farther upstate also pitched in with relief of its own.

~ Westvleteren news from
~ Westvleteren thoughts from Stan Hieronymous at
~ Andy Crouch weighs in at
~ And a bit more insight into the Trappist brewing world via

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