Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 1/26/13

On and on we go with more links to catch you up with the last couple of weeks of interesting tidbits from around the brewing world. For "The Rest of Planet Beer", the main theme has been jumping around from week-to-week. This week, we shift our eyes to southern California for some tasty bits of news.

~ I've been to at least a few from each region but, of course, could not be prouder of those from Philly that made the list. Of course, keeping in mind that a list is just a list, still nice to see the recognition.

~ Speaking of getting props, here is some more for Philadelphia. Tom Kehoe says he's not surprised. Trusting not many of you were either.

~ One of the year's best celebrations of beer and food in Philadelphia is fast approaching and you should make every effort to be there.

~ Pliny the Younger will make its return again to Philadelphia in 2013. Crossing geographic categories here, I realize, but here's a short background video about the "cult" beer from California.

~ Last week, I pointed you to pictures from Weyerbacher's expansion, this week it's video of their progress.

~ Speaking of progress, here's a glimpse at what's happening cross-state in Pittsburgh

~ Long-time brewer, Mike McCarthy, has left Capitol City in D.C. Tom Cizauskas has the story.

~ Then Tom follow up with some other comings and goings of Virginia-based brewers.

~ Yet some additional expansion news coming out of Pennsylvania.

~ With Firestone and Walker on The Brewing Network, you know some great beers were discussed

~ Sometimes you can't talk about southern California brewing without talking about the northern side.

~ While linking to Jay Brooks, might as well take the opportunity for a two-fer as he takes on the "top brand" of 2012.

~ And how about one last link to Brooks, where he points us to the Jim Koch interview?

~ Tomme Arthur at Lost Abbey talking about Cuvee de Tomme

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