Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 1/19/13

Trusting those of you into Saturday morning news reading will appreciate the move of this segment to Saturday mornings. For those of you content with Monday morning reading, this piece will stay at the top throughout the weekend until Monday morning in its easy place here at the top for you to find it, unless something else urgent/important trumps it prior to Monday morning.

Anyway, on with the news to catch you up with the last couple of weeks of interesting tidbits from around the brewing world. For "The Rest of Planet Beer", two weeks ago, the theme was "Craft versus Crafty", last week it was "Westvleteren Madness". This week, let's make it (northern) California-themed.

~ The Memphis44AleHouse crew is adding to its family. Very cool. I predict that they'll give Doc Watson's a run for longest occupancy in that space (hard to recall the others that have resided there since). News from Foobooz, as well.

~ Stone ("Best By") is coming to town; for some, this is even better than Santa.

~ Philly Post provided a countdown of great beers encountered around Philly in 2012.

~ Two tidbits buried in here by the inimitable Joe Sixpack, one about The Foodery and one about Race Street Café, Mount Airy, and the former chef from Monk's Café.

~ Grub Street also weighed in with a bit or two about The Foodery.

~ Working toward a more sustainable model continues at Flying Fish

~ Weyerbacher expansion continues.

~ And, while expanding, Weyerbacher also decided it was best to take the high road with regard to potential litigation.

~ Yuengling has its own growth trajectory and Bloomberg finds it interesting.

~ And, here's an interesting story out of Milton, Del. and plans they have for 2013 (apart from its expansion plan)

~ Well, perhaps though, it's our own transplanted Dr. Joel who stirred things up over the holidays with not the text, but the picture at the company's website.

~ Jay Brooks hooked us up with pointers to three videos: Sierra Nevada's illustration of their "story"; the source of Anchor's annual Christmas beer labels; and So, I enjoy reading this news.

~ The coming hoopla in early February at Russian River has reports coming in left and right. One from The Press Democrat. Another from a New England-based NBC affiliate. And virtually the same piece from out of California. If all that's a bit too much for you, take a minute to breathe and smile with the brewery's "season's greetings".

~ Back in San Francisco, they're readying themselves for another installment of San Francisco Beer Week. Even though I'm not involved this year (though perhaps as a runner, not organizer), I'm pleased to see that Derrick Peterman is carrying on with the 4th SF Beer Week Run. This time it will be held in partnership with the South Bay's Strike Brewing Company and C.B. Hannegan's.

~ Also readying themselves is the soon-to-be-bigger Magnolia Brewery. If you've hung around these parts long enough, you know of my fondness for Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery in the city's Haight/Ashbury neighborhood. Check out its expansion plans for the Dogpatch across town.

~ And, lastly for northern California (at least for this week), after talking above about Weyerbacher's peaceful and gentlemanly resolutions to litigation (or threats of litigation), here's some background on recent turmoil that Sierra Nevada has been caught up in. Haven't seen any recent updates of where this stands.

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