Friday, September 23, 2016

Writing This Ship: Part 13 - And in other news....

I'm more or less (probably less, but don't tell anyone) caught up with material accumulated across the last several months. My typical M.O. is such that every time I see something that seems worth sharing (apart from just the obligatory social-sharing), I copy a link or some text to a folder/notepad to reference later in an article. Here below are the remnants of things that I never really mentioned all that extensively in postings here at The Brew Lounge.

However, even as dated as some of the material is, I figured it's still newsworthy enough to pass along in the case you haven't been aware. With this then, finally, I do believe I can say that the Ship has been Writed and we'll see how diligent I am in coming months staying on top of things.

World of Beer opened its Exton location. Guess you could say I'm indifferent since I've never pointed it out to you or included other locations in my book.

A brewpub at Piazza at Schmidt's? Sounds like a reasonable location, though I haven't heard anything about this since the initial announcement. Wonder if this is completely legit? I should follow-up on this.

New at Saint Benjamin's. This was very cool and turned out even better than i expected.

This is good news for lovers of fresh New Belgium beer and those that need another spot to seek out in Asheville, NC.

It's hard to imagine Anchor Brewing without Mark Carpenter overseeing the brewhouse. 45 years! Here's who's taking his place.

"The deal was formalized quietly." Well, that was pretty darn accurate. Interesting to see where Flying Fish goes from here.

Here's a not-so-quiet deal that involved Devils Backbone and that big not-an-American brewery.

And we'll have to go into the way long ago past to find the roots to this story. Always got a kick out of seeing the Red Bell sign on the backside of the building when taking Amtrak to NYC. Looks like something will finally be done with the building.

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