Monday, January 20, 2020

Rest In Peace 2019 - Thanks For All The Beers

As I do each year, it's time to look back on those individuals that we lost in 2019 and their significant contributions to the industry. 2019 certainly saw a unusually high number of our younger beer buddies leave us.

First up, however, is one that I missed in 2018.

6/24/18, Lynn Hoffman, 73, throat cancer
  ~ A writer of good things beer and wine, in the beer world he taught courses and added the book The Short Course in Beer. [link to Chestnut Hill Local] and [link to his book on Amazon]

2/5/19, Jim Parker, 58, stroke
  ~ The beloved Oregon publican left his mark in Portland and beyond. [link to Ezra Johnson-Greenough's column at The New School with plenty of other industry quotable memories] and [link to The Oregonian recalling Parker's "Totcho"] and [link to The New York Times where he is referenced and quoted]

2/20/19, Herb Lindtveit Jr., 46, heart attack
  ~ With a resume that includes Boston Beer Works and Jack's Abby Craft Lagers, it's easy to see the significant mark he left on the industry both personally and professionally. [link to Eagle-Tribune] and [link to Norm Miller's column at Metrowest Daily News]

3/23/19, Matt Bonney, 45, cancer
  ~ One of Seattle's finest was associated in his beer bar career with Bottleworks, Brouwer's, and Toronado. His impact cannot be overstated. [link to Don Scheidt's column at The New School] and [link to Iron Horse Brewery's remembrances] and [link to The Northwest Beer Guide's reflections] and [link to Jay Brooks' recent birthday announcement]

4/5/19, Joel Manning, 52, heart attack
  ~ He was a fixture on the Ontario beer scene for many years, taking up brewmaster positions at Amsterdam Brewpub and Mill Street Brewery and once the president of Ontario Craft Brewers. [link to Ben Johnson's beer blog]

6/16/19, John Mitchell, 89, pneumonia
  ~ Another fixture in Canadian brewing, to the west in Vancouver, Mitchell is credited with being at the dawning of the British Columbia (even North American) craft brewing scene in the early 1980s with Horseshoe Bay Brewing and Spinnaker's brewpub. [link to Georgia Straight]

7/31/19, Donovan Bailey, 46, undisclosed
  ~ He was just getting his Down The Road going with the less-than-two-year-old Everett, MA brewery. [link to Brewbound]

If you care to look back on the previous 12 years that I've been doing this year-end wrap, consult the links here for: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015,  2014,  2013,  2012,  2011,  2010,  2009,  2008,  and 2007.

As in past years, I'll repeat a soothing message: Be still sad heart and cease repining; Behind the clouds the sun is shining, Thy fate is the common fate of all, Into each life a little rain must fall, Some days must be dark and dreary. ~ Longfellow

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