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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 3/2/13

Spanning the country for a smattering of interesting brew news presented here to accompany your Saturday morning cup of coffee (or breakfast stout, I don't judge).

~ Is there a Pliny The Younger "shortage"?

~ Thanks to Jay for pointing out something close to home that I feel like I should have learned from a local source.

~ Barrier Brewing on its way back

~ Notes from New Jersey.

~ Time to think, says Jack

~ Just as I was ready (for the first time) to send out props to Momma Brew Lounge for a hot tip on a new brewery going in to a space where our family has bought some cars in the past, this piece of follow-up news hit the wire. Interesting twists and turns to this story (how many new breweries don't have some sort of crazy labrynth of stories and hurdles to tell along the way to opening?) She still gets props though :)

~ CBC is a-coming (to Washington). Plans are already underway, as they should be.

~ continues to up its game with great new content.

~ And yet more of the good ol' fashioned beery patriotism coming out of the White House.

~ Great lineup of guys pushing the lower-alcohol envelope. Love to see what they're doing, but could we stop discussing what "session-strength" is? With an absolute scale that begins at zero, most people should be able to figure out what low alcohol means to their body and personal experience with beer.

~ Friend and fellow "beer runner", Derrick Peterman, rambling on about the good stuff brewing in the South Bay.

~ Who doesn't love a good infographic?

~ A look around town by way of Westvleteren.

~ Not just a case of college kids looking for some free beer?

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