Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Philadelphia, ready thyself for this weekend

You'll be getting the full dosage of beer events in the regularly-scheduled weekly calendar of events tomorrow morning (at 5 a.m. sharp, as always, for you early morning readers).

But, until then, allow some enthusiasm to spill forth for this weekend's embarrassment of riches here in Philly.

Sunday, the National Constitution Center plays host to The Brewer's Plate. Do you like food? Do you like beer? Do you like people (maybe not all the time, but just go with it here)? Do you like grand venues hosting beer/food/people events?

Then The Brewer's Plate is for you. Here's a piece where I wrote about it in 2011. You know my spot in The Communities section of The Washington Times, right? Go check out the piece I put up last year about The Brewer's Plate. What I've embarrassingly found in the meantime is an unpublished piece from last year's installment. Can't imagine how in the world it slipped past me like that, but let's see if I can rectify that before this weekend.

Need more convincing? How about a few of the announced pairings? Like: Alla Spina’s mortadella hot dogs with red cabbage and pickles paired with Stoudt’s Karnival Kölsch; Cedar Point’s grilled cheese stuffed with BBQ portabella and apple slaw and Boxcar’s Mango Ginger IPA; and White Dog Café’s house-made scrapple sliders with Dogfish’s Chicory Stout.

But, to get to The Brewers's Plate, you must first navigate your way around all or some portion of the Craft Beer Express on Saturday and its stops at 11 worthy beer destinations around the city.

The weather's looking fine and if you're up for walking between all the venues (instead of a $10 all-day CBX-exclusive bus pass special from 11 a.m.-7 p.m.), that's certainly doable as well in a city as walkable as Philly (and projected nice dry weather in the mid-50s) and adds to the justification for making all 11 stops and indulging in the frivolity along the way. And, is keeping tabs (taps?) on all the events.

The events are shaping up as the following:

Bishop's Collar for The Great Gazoo, a Shangy's spectacular.

Brauhaus Schmitz for Starkbierfest, a bevy of bocks.

Devil's Den for a Mid-Atlantic Brewery Tour limited, seasonal, & one-offs beers PA, NJ, and NY.

Johnny Brenda's for its Fifth Annual Stout Brunch, dry Irish stouts to oyster stouts to Russian imperial stouts.

Jose Pistola's for The Dual Birthday Party for Chuck Norris & Webster, half pints of kick-ass beers and photo ops with both Webster & Chick Norris.

Kite & Key for Featuring Firestone Walker, an amazing array of beers plus a few surprises.

Kraftwork for The Return of Two Brothers Brewing, 10 flavors (plus a gluten-free one) from Two Brothers Brewery.

Pub On Passyunk East for Lock, Stock, and 12 Oaken Barrels, 12 amazing oak-aged beers from barrels.

Race Street Café for Lights Out At Race Street, Scotch, Brown, and Black ales.

The Institute for Big Banging Barleywine Bonanza, 16 rare barleywines on tap.

The Sidecar Bar & Grille for IPA's Greatest Hits, IPAs and DIPAs and, who knows, maybe a TrIPA.

I don't know what else to tell you. If you can't find a beer and/or event to your liking somewhere within 100 miles of Philadelphia, either you need to read a bit more closely or I need to speak a bit more loudly. Get out there and enjoy; after this week of work and wacky weather, you probably deserve it!

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