Sunday, September 25, 2005

Firewaters in Glen Mills, PA

Quick post to let you all know that Firewaters looks like the real deal positioned nicely at Routes 1 & 202 (and nicely next to Hooters). Lloyd and I did a dry run (OK, not really so "dry"! :), but before I rave too much, I think it deserves another, longer look.

I stopped by Beer Advocate before I wrote this for a peek at what others might think. There were only two reviews, but I was surprised by the negativity in both of the reviews. The general idea is that Firewaters claims to have 50 beers on tap and 101 bottle varieties. The tap selection was varied, interesting, and difficult to find the Bud, Coors, or Miller amongst them. Taps included Avery, Pyramid, Stoudt's, Victory, just to name a very few. The bottles ranged from Chimay, to several Rogue varieties, St. Bernardus, and so on.

It was dead after the Eagles game and we only stayed 20 minutes, but we both left wanting to go back again soon and check it out. Stay tuned and I'll be back with more information as soon as we gather it!

p.s. There are two other locations; 1 in Hackensack, NJ and one in Atlantic City, NJ.


Adam said...

Ok...that's it! I give up! There are entirely too many good places to taste beer around here. I can't handle it!!!!!

Bryan Kolesar said...

You know, you're exactly right (of course you know you're right...cuz you said it!)

Anyway, think of it. Within a, what?, 100-mile radius of Philadelphia we have the following beer brewed for our enjoyment (I'm probably gonna miss some, this is just off the cuff, not an official listing :)

Sly Fox
Dogfish Head
General Lafayette
Bethlehem Brew Works
Flying Fish
Nodding Head
Iron Hill
John Harvard
Independence/Dock Street/Red Bell/Whatever!

And, then, to make our habit even more interesting, you have the following beer bars serving up some of the finest beer from around here and the world.

Standard Tap
Drafting Room

And, how about the great retailers like:

Beer Yard
The Foodery
Exton Beverage
Michael's Deli
Total Wine & More

Ok, that should help cure any bug that's been ailing you this weekend. LET'S MAKE SOME OF OUR OWN BEER NOW!!

Adam said...

Well done.

Yeah, still feeling under the weather. Don't know when I'll feel better :-( I have the ingredients ready. Maybe you and Jeremy can take over this time and I'll just sit and sip some whiskey :-)