Sunday, September 25, 2005

Southampton Publick House at Beer Yard

The boys from Southampton Publick House (Southampton, NY) came down to the Philly area to share some excellent brews. It isn't always the easiest to find their beers south of NYC, but they promised that is changing and that they expect to be seen again soon in the Philly area and with more availability on store shelves.

Actually, Monk's in Philly has a beer dinner scheduled with the head brewer from SPH on 10/11/05 but one of the guys said that may be up in the air at this point. So, anyway, they did a free tasting at Beer Yard in Wayne late afternoon on Saturday, then went on to Monk's for a dinner, and concluded the weekend with a setup at Sippin' by the River at Penn's Landing in Philly.

A quick summary of my tastings put their new Double White in the stratosphere.....simply awesome. Think of an excellent white ale, then double it.....basically, that's the concept and basically, it's twice as good! Big on the banana and coriander, but still clean and full of flavorful taste.

Practically in a tie for my second favorite was their Imperial Porter with delicious chocolate and espresso flavors coming strongly through. The Secret Ale, a German Alt, continued to impress and is a standard favorite of mine. I also tried the Saison, a nice beer, but didn't get to several others hiding in the ice....had to get home for dinner, for which I was already late :-o

I highly doubt that anyone who turned out for this event went home unhappy. We even had a little entertainment at the expense of those poor souls who were buying such things as MGD and refused to taste anything being offered to them. Oh well, their loss and.....more for us! I certainly hope that we'll be seeing more of SPH in the Philly area again soon. Of course, the Hamptons are always a nice place to visit :)

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