Tuesday, September 13, 2005

MNF: Yards, Victory & ahem..defeat

Bryan did it again! He hosted Monday Night Football. I won't mention too much about the game. I think we're all still a little sore about the defeat here in Eagles land. Despite that we enjoyed getting the guys together and I always look forward to Bryan's choice of beer. This week it was a Yards variety case. Which contained 6 bottles each of Extra Special Ale, Philadelphia Pale Ale, India Pale Ale and Saison. Pete also brought over bunch of Moonglow Weizenbock from Victory. How were they? Well, I would have to agree with Bryan on this one. He emailed me this morning...
"I think the order of my favorites were: Pale Ale, ESA, IPA, Saison. The PA seemed very drinkable and very well balanced. ESA was still good, but the last two were distant runner-ups."
I also tried the Moonglow. What can I say? It was um...not that appealing to me. I guess the nose had too much bananna and spice. The alchol was very present as well. For what it's worth I enjoy Victory's Golden Monkey much more than Moonglow. Bryan seemed to have a more favorable experience the last time he tasted Moonglow. Maybe he'll chime in on this one.

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