Wednesday, September 24, 2008

At Morton's, hold the A-1, pass the Chimay

The Jim & Jim show (Wiggins and Meiers from Origlio, in case you wondered) moved on from the Duvel Green unveiling at Monk's Cafe (check out Lew's wrapup) and made its next stop at Morton's Steakhouse on Walnut Street. Morton's was introducing their patrons to the wondrous lineup of Chimay beers: Première, Cinq Cents, and Grande Réserve. According to the general manager, wine still rules the table but they do hear occasional requests for better beer on the menu. Tasty little treats from Tuna Tartare, to Smoked Salmon, to filet mignon sandwiches were being served up alongside the beers. These were all basically bite-size treats that were very nice. But, as seems to occur at almost every beer and food pairing (at least for me), the dessert brought a little additional wow factor. The Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake (should that have a little TM next to it?) with the Grande Réserve? Well, that's just something that everyone should have the pleasure of tasting. But, everyone was not there. There was a small group of people that had come out for this event and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the beer and food. Could have been the price tag ($45), the night of the week (Monday), or the venue (yes, steakhouse food does not only pair with red wine...don't make me bring out Garrett or Sam!) but it would have been nice to see a fuller room of people. Still, it was encouraging to see a respected steakhouse like Morton's taking a step to give beer its legitimate place on the menu. (This event is being repeated at Morton's all across the country. Catch one near you.)

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