Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blind Tiger, Rogue, and Oysters

File under, "this probably won't suck."
On both Tuesday May 5th and Wednesday May 6th beginning at Noon both days, The Blind Tiger is very proud to be hosting Rogue's Annual Pacific Northwest Beer and Oyster Festival! If you know it, you love it - and if you have never experienced it, you must come to it! Just so you know the score, there will be 31 Rogue beers and 1600 Yakima Bay Oysters on-hand for the two day extravaganza (details TBA). The List: Rogue Charlie Rogue Sesquicentenial Rogue Mogul Rogue Glen Rogue Deadliest Ale Rogue Vintage Crusty Rogue Menage a Frog Rogue Chipotle Ale Rogue Soba Ale Rogue Brutal Bitter Rogue Dry Hopped Red Rogue Mocha Porter Rogue Nitro Shakespeare Rogue Nitro Chocolate Stout Rogue Smoke Ale Rogue YSB Rogue Mom’s Rogue Kells Rogue Juniper Pale Rogue Imperial Pilsner Rogue Imperial Red Rogue Imperial Stout Rogue Imprial Porter Rogue Imperial YSB Rogue I2PA Rogue Collaboration Rogue American Amber Rogue Double Dead Guy Plus 2 Casks and 1 Gravity Keg (TBA)

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