Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lazy Posting of the Week

Yep. Still distracted in a dozen different ways. Plus, according to activity around here, many of you still appear to be clinging to Philly Beer Week and clicking on a lot of that material and pictures. So, continue to enjoy while I get organized up in here. In the meantime, for more fun from Philadelphia regionites who put fingers to keypad you could check in with ...... ...Adam Beck, for homebrewing trials and triumphs ...Dan Bengel, for some pub hoppin' and incriminating pictures ...Lew Bryson, for the latest in his ongoing love letter to the PLCB (the latest conference call is A-prime material); oh and he also covers Session Beer, and whiskey and other such frivolities ...Jack Curtin, for all the breaking news ...Kevin Rowe, for daily updates on all of the region's best cask-conditioned beer offerings ...Don Russell, you know him as Joe Sixpack, for a good dosing of spring fever, Phillies baseball, and beer. ...Carolyn Smagalski, for Philly Beer Geek, Beer Week, and other sundry beer topics to delight ...Gina Talley, for all the great food and beverage that you can handle (plus highlights that remind me of my last trip to Chicago) ...Suzanne Woods, for a young lady's adventures through Philadelphia on both business and pleasure (mac & cheese and beer, an underrated match made in heaven?) HEY, speaking of beer and writing, the fine, craft-loving folks at Origlio have written their own piece on the topic...where you'll also find me and a few of the fine folks listed above. (pg. 10, "Eat...Drink...Write" (these are in alphabetical order, so don't try and pick up on any favoritism!)


Adam said...

Well I'm definately better than Dan ;-)

Dan Bengel said...

Hey now, them's drinking words Adam! :>)

Adam said...

Hey, I'm listed before you. Just sayin' ;-)