Thursday, April 16, 2009

Try this Pairing: Tiramisu and I.P.A.

Am I crazy or was this one of the best accidental pairings I've ever had or what? Check that, it probably was. Soaked in espresso (and also with some hints of a liqueur, but don't know for sure) and dusted with cocoa, the fluffy ladyfingers and creamy egg, cheese, and sugar mixture hit me alternatingly with sweet and bitter. But, you know they talk about the scrubbing action of carbonation and hop bitterness to help cleanse the palate? Well, that's exactly what my homebrewed I.P.A. did. Just as the creaminess from the cheese mixture began to coat my mouth and lay around, the beer chaser came through with its own bitterness and scrubbing bubbles to wash the dessert clean away. The cocoa dusting on top of the tiramisu had a similar effect to counterplay with the sweetness. Funny how, if you asked me ahead of time which beer might go best with this tiramisu dessert, I might have hearkened back to General Lafayette's Chocolate Thunder (porter) or maybe Sly Fox's Oatmeal Stout. Maybe even a Dieu Du Ciel Péché Mortel, complete with its accompanying coffee notes. Maybe even a lighter bodied barleywine, an American one with a bit of a hop kick to it...perhaps like an Anchor Old Foghorn. But, the way this particular night played out, I had my I.P.A. in front of me and it just worked perfectly. IPA and carrot cake for dessert I've had before...they work well together too. Dare you to try the same here and let me know how it works for you. An I.P.A. for dessert, go figure right?

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Mark said...

Asking us if you are crazy? Yes!!
Sounds like home deliveries would be nice for some of us "shut-ins" and those of us who can't travel to all these hot spots. Me jealous? Damn Right!