Monday, July 12, 2010

Bringing home more brewing accolades for Pennsylvania

During a drive to the Lehigh Valley this past weekend, somewhere around the Quakertown exit of the turnpike I hear through my car speakers the name of Wardell Massey. Oh, perhaps I should have begun with, "I was listening to a podcasted version of the National Homebrewers Conference awards ceremony (courtesy of The Brewing Network--thank you)......" Though a general dearth of awards for Pennsylvania's homebrewed beer this year at the NHC gathering in Minneapolis, MN, two men from PA stood tall. The first I'm not familiar with--David Barber of Orwigsburg--won a bronze for his Belgian Tripel in the Belgian Strong category. The second I, like many of you, are quite familiar with around these (Philly) parts. Wardell (Dell) Massey has been brewing up a storm for many years now and winning this case, none on a stage bigger than this of the NHC. He won a silver this year for his American Wild Ale in the Specialty Beer category amongst 275 total entries. Only six other categories--of 28 total--had more entries. Congratulations Dell!


Jean Broillet IV said...

Congratulations Dell! Any chance you'll be bringing a bottle (or six) to Cooperstown?

Anonymous said...

Bryan - Thanks for the "good word"
I love being mentioned in the beer press.
Jean - I may have a keg up at BCTC

(The award winning beer was the same beer involved in my carboy accident back in December)


Bryan Kolesar said...

A keg, you say?! Oh, I'll need to be locking in GPS on your campsite asap on 7/30!!