Friday, July 09, 2010

Where to watch the Tour de France and drink great beer? (other than my house)

I love the Tour de France. I believe it is one of the world's best annual sporting events. I won't get in to all the reasons why. Jeff Appletans, bicycling extraordinaire and craft beer lover, agrees. He noticed the weekly calendar that I put out a couple of days ago and the Tour de France-related entries on the calendar and wondered if there really weren't any more to add. Well, he has done a bit of suds and cycling sleuthing for us and gotten back to me with a short list of some pretty good beer bars in Philly and where they stand on the topic of showing the Tour. While it doesn't seem like anyone is opening early and showing it live in the morning hours, the way that they might for World Cup games, here are a few places in Philly where you can catch a pale ale with the pedal pulsing action replayed later in the day during normal bar hours. Absolutely... The Belgian Café St. Stephen's Green If the Phillies or World Cup Soccer isn't on, then you can likely catch the race at... Memphis Taproom Local 44 Resurrection Ale House Devil's Den Thanks, Jeff. How about any of you? Where are you watching the race? Do you know of any bars dedicated to tuning their TVs to the Tour de France? p.s. this reminds me of another question....anyone heading to West Chester and the Iron Hill Twilight Criterium tomorrow night?

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