Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rogue and The Drafting Room

(A Draft List full of Rogues)
A quick stop-in at The Drafting Room this past Saturday night was fortunate enough for us to find just about everything from the day's Rogue/Pacific NW event still available. Though, for the hour that we were there, a handful more of both beers and foods went off the, it must have been a pretty good day of bustling business for this event. Without getting the full experience and not checking the calendar details of the past year, I still can't imagine that The Drafting Room has had a better conceived event in recent months. Not only did they gather up more than a dozen beers covering some of Rogue's more interesting and newer releases, but they lined up some special and appropriate food items as well like oysters, salmon, and cheese from the Pacific Northwest.
(Cheese from the Northwest to accompany beers from the Northwest)
Still not content to let the beer side of the menu get all of the accolades for the day, the kitchen whipped up a few different "shooters" as accompaniments for the oysters ranging from a 'Mignonette' to a 'Oregon Coast' to a 'Tabasco'. On the cheese plate not only were there three cheeses from the Rogue Creamery (chocolate stout cheddar, smoky blue, and rosemary cheddar), but they were served with some crunchy bread, a beer mustard, and a IPA- and peach-based jam.
(And, appropriately, oysters also from the Northwest to accompany beers from the Northwest)
We had a few samples including Mogul (Hoppy), XS YSB (hoppy but yet, to me, more balanced), Somer Orange Honey (refreshingly sweet in a good way), Double Mocha Porter (dryly rich and hoppy, surprisingly good with the heck of a beer), and the John John Juniper (as the name implies, but also not too much so....gin barrel-aged...nice with the rosemary cheddar). Lucky for you, if you missed this fine event, as of yesterday's online tap list, many of these beers are still being served. And, they're being served conveniently in 5 oz. and 10 oz. glasses to make sampling many of them more possible.

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