Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exton Beverage knows how to throw a party

Last Friday evening, Exton Beverage put on a Spring Beer Sampling complete with live music, food from local restaurants, and beer poured by brewery and distributor reps.

Unfortunately, I showed up late to the party -- please hold all smart-alek comments. When I arrived, there were still 20 or so customers mingling.

The crush, though, apparently came in the first 90 minutes when it was reportedly crowded shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the store. Sandwiches, pizzas, and other snack food was mostly devoured by the time I arrived. Bill Hake, local musician, made great use of what hardly anyone would have thought was a performance stage. But, the platform high at the end of the store turned out to work very well -- and provide a glimpse of the store like I've never seen before!

In my short 45 minutes there, I heard three individuals ask for cases of beer that they had just sampled from. Sometimes you have to give to get and that's what this event seems to have proven. Good times on a Friday night of a holiday weekend.

I'm not sure that Greg and crew have put on an event of this magnitude in the past, but hope they consider making it at least an annual, or semi-annual event.

(High above Exton Beverage's floor of great beer)

(Bill Hake of Hake & Jarema)

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