Friday, April 29, 2011

International Beer Fest Contest Winner

I'm pleased to announce that Chris B. correctly answered all 10 questions before anyone else and will be attending the International Beer Fest in Cleveland compliments of the Festival organizers and The Brew Lounge.

I'll be anxious to hear how this ambitious endeavor the The Forest City plays out.

Oh, the answers? Sure thing, here they are:

1) After much debate from Detroit to Philadelphia to Memphis to Seattle to New York, the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame opened in Cleveland in what year?  1995

2) Who sang "...the heart of rock is still beatin' Cleveland..."?  Huey Lewis

3) Which Cleveland professional sports team angered a rabid fan base and left the city for Baltimore?  The Cleveland Browns

4) The first microbrewery in the State of Ohio, twenty-three year old and hometown proud Great Lakes Brewing Company is located just a block from what nearly 100-year-old Cleveland landmark?  West Side Market

5) Which Great Lakes beer contains the last name of the co-owners, Patrick and Dan?  Conway's Irish Ale

6) Name a TV comedy show based in Cleveland.  Drew Carey Show or Hot in Cleveland might be the top two answers and would be accepted.

7) What is the nickname of the Cleveland Indians ballpark?  The Jake

8) What is a nickname of the City? Forest City

9) Who was the original explorer/settler/founder of Cleveland?  Moses Cleaveland

10) What are Cleveland Browns end zone fans commonly referred to as?  The Dawg Pound

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