Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More about Fork and Barrel (not such a secret anymore)

There's a big reason why I'm not in the business of breaking news. Trying to figure out the facts from the rumors is way too much for me to bear. Plus, I primarily care about the end result and not all the hype and bloviating in between.

And on top of that, with all the various ways you have to get your news nowadays (the source, established industry voices, tweeters, forum chest-puffers, bloggers of various ilk, PR machines, etc etc), there's really not much motivation (financial or otherwise) for me to get in on the game of who said what first. (though, I suppose I took an inadvertent stab at that earlier this morning when I rolled out of bed and saw the "news".)

Here's what I've got at this time after a bazillion texts, emails, and whatnot this morning.

My anonymous contributor/tipster is close enough to the source to be solid in my eyes. This person reported Fork and Barrel closed as of last night, that's all.

Other rumors around the area claim that all locations except The Farmers' Cabinet have closed. Another claims the Bookstore is still open.

I'm going to wait until I hear from ownership or management either personally or via their PR channels to comment any further.

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