Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forest & Main, Construction Update #1

(Gerard Olson, left, and Daniel Endicott, co-owners of the future Forest & Main in Ambler, Pa.)

I know of a few people still who are not plugged into The Facebook yet. While I have some understanding for some of the reasons why, I'd encourage everyone to check it out at least for what your favorite businesses are doing. I'm not sure if it's a long-term trend, but I see some businesses moving away from traditional websites for timely information.

Take, Devil's Den in Philadelphia as an example. Their calendar of events is maintained almost exclusively on The Facebook (and, of course, The Twitter).

But, this isn't about Devil's Den and I didn't mean to single them out either positively or negatively with regard to their usage of social media.

This is about Forest & Main. And how if you are riding the Facebook Superhighway (and I know that many of you are), you likely saw pictures of me working with Gerard and Dan (Olson and Endicott, co-owners, that is) to split a 12-foot-long barn beam that will serve as a bar top in their much-anticipated new brewery and restaurant.

The opening is currently guestimated in the October timeframe. Judging from my visit last week (finally, my first visit), the guys are gonna do their part to get to an October opening. It sounds like the borough has been, and will continue to hopefully be, cooperative. So, it will all come down to their friendly helpers in Harrisburg to grease the skids and get them the rest of the way to opening.

To say that the property has all the makings of one of the more comfortable brewpubs around might be an understatement. From the front yard, past the front porch (complete with hop bines), through the attractive front door, and in to the individual rooms on either side of a center staircase leading to a second floor for dining and gathering, the at-home feel that exudes from the unfinished building is already evident.

The guys have been doing a real fine job of keeping thirsty followers updated on the construction progress with a website and Facebook page replete with pictures and other useful information.

I've put up a gallery of pictures over at Picasa -- and stole the best Facebook image of me as well...hey, if I'm "tagged" in a picture, does that make the picture equally mine? -- to share with you all. I think you'll all be equally impressed in a few months when you're comfortably lounging with some well-crafted beer at the corner of Forest & Main.

More to come...

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