Friday, August 19, 2011

Same Iron Hill, new King

(Bob Barrar seems excited for Kevin Walter's keg being the first to kick)

The weather was a bit frightful outside last night. But, inside at Earth Bread + Brewery, the joint was hot (like cool-hot, not temperature-hot, y'dig?) and the atmosphere could not have been more inviting for King of the Hill 2011. Last year, EB+B hosted Iron Hill in February not long after the 20+ inch snowfall that had me parking between 10-foot high snow banks.

Next year, there will be a ninth brewer, Paul Rutherford, bringing his beer from the new Chestnut Hill location of the ever-expanding Iron Hill. Until then, there are 8 brewers and their beers were all represented last night on Germantown Avenue for a throwdown of the beer sort.

It was a gathering of brewers and assorted peeps from Iron Hill to EB+B to McKenzie Brew House to the Dogfish and Nodding Heads. The flatbreads were perhaps the only thing flying faster than the beers. An admirable style lineup was presented by Iron Hill and, in the end, it was Lancaster's Kevin Walter that took the prize for fastest keg drained.

For the record and for what it's worth, there were no dogs on tap but forced to name some of the favorites that I sampled would have me giving nods to Brian Finn's (Wilmington) Blackberry Saison, Tom Baker's Sour Wheat (with a touch of house-made cherry syrup), Tim Stumpf's (Phoenixville) Schwarzbier, and Justin Sproul's (Newark) Xtra Stout. Chris LaPierre's (Maple Shade) Caprice is no slouch and again last night did not disappoint. The honey-basil flatbread (YES, honey on a pizza/flatbread...believe it!) was also a highlight on the food side of things.

Suzy Woods was also snapping away and has posted a couple pictures over at

Just another night of proof how lucky the folks in West Mt. Airy to have Tom and Peggy Baker's restaurant and brewery to call their own.

(No snow forecasted for King of the Hill, II)

(Earth Bread + Brewery front door)

(Iron Hill menu at Earth Bread + Brewery- 8/18/11)

(Tom Baker crowns Kevin Walter King of the (Iron) Hill, 2011)

(Kevin Walter foreshadowing next year's King of the Hill?)

(Kevin Walter next to the original medal machine and first King of the Hill, Bob Barrar...or the Acme Employee of the Week, the debate continues)

(Seed pie: plain and simple and great)

(DeuS, a beer fit for a birthday boy, Tom Baker)

(Birthday wishes and toasts all around for Tom Baker)

(Birthday wishes and toasts all around for Tom Baker)

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