Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mostly Iron Hill news

Haven't checked in with our favorite Beer Lass in a while. Here's what she's helped a) catch me up on, and b) remind me for later this week.

While I was out: it's difficult to trade anything for a weekend of gallivanting through NYC, but it wasn't easy missing the annual Iron Hill Bocce Challenge at the Wilmington Waterfront. Nodding Head won again - wrap-up and pictures at Suzy's site.

In two days: Celebrate Iron Hill and see if Medal Machine Bob can pull a Nodding Head and defend his title. What title is that, you ask? Well, Suzy's reminder post (complete with all 8 IH beers that will be pouring) had me digging through the archives whereupon I found one of the more enjoyable pieces that I put together.

Read about Iron Hill at Earth Bread + Brewery last February. Lots of snow and lots of fun with great beer and people.

I've already predicted which I think will kick first. That said, don't come on Thursday; I don't want it to be too crowded ;-)

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