Thursday, August 04, 2011

Tracking down a new Tröegs

(The new brewhouse)

(Brewhouse steps going into place)

One of my most interesting and informative encounters of last weekend's BCTC at Ommegang (yes, will be hearing and seeing more — much more — from me on this wonderful festival topic soon), was seeing Ed Yashinsky (operations manager at Tröegs) at some bizarre hour of the morning — like 7 a.m. or something silly like that.

As I was walking the brewery property (I'm an early riser, regardless of my night's-before activities...and when I'm up, I'm up, usually can't fight that), I bump into Ed who apparently has a similar morning routine. He'd already been into town for an early morning café breakfast.

We got into a bit of a catch-up conversation on the brewery construction progress in Hershey, Pa. You are familiar with this, right? If not, go and visit Tröegs' website where they're doing a very nice job of documenting their own progress.

Since that early morning riser update from Yashinsky, he's sent along two of what appear to be previously-unpublished pictures of the new brewery. Those are the two pictures pasted above.

Tröegs has been hitting the market from all angles lately.

Their continually-expanding (and very wisely measured expansion) market distribution — it'd slipped by me that they are now in Ohio.

They keep on top of their brewers' blog where it's not uncommon to find transparent and useful information.

They've put out a cherry chocolate stout collaboratively brewed with Stone that I'll need to do a little side-by-side with my homebrewed version of the same recipe....or, at least, of the same title. I'm sure it will be a humbling experience!

And, an appearance of the brothers Trogner (Chris and John, for the record) on a recent episode of The Brewing Network's Sunday Session. [Jump to The Brewing Network archives, aired 6/27/11]

One of these days, I'll find myself in Hershey hoping to bring you all a first-hand look at the progress prior to opening....currently looking at an October timeframe.

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