Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 10/8/12

I missed last the last couple Monday Morning updates, of which I've actually had quite a few of you tell me you appreciate. Well, not really missed. Had some stuff ready to read for you, then went on a last-minute business trip to Atlanta and forgot about hitting the little orange publish button. The week before it was something else, and so on and so forth.

So, I figured to give you a triple-dose this morning. As you were.

~ Reading this made me wonder how our old friend, Patrick Jones, is doing. And, just what the hell happened to Old City. Well, I sort of know, but still...

~ This stuff can't be made up, can it?

~ Fergie Carey is a great publican and fun guy to hang out with. Now everyone knows.

~ Fun stuff from DrinkPhilly (.com). This is the ONLY good thing possibly to come from these absolutely pointless Under/Over 21 challenges. Sun King might get my vote for best.

~ I was pleased to (finally) be a part of the annual Dogfish Dash at the home of the craft brewing powerhouse in Milton, Del. last weekend. Here's a great recap at Draft Magazine of the men's 10-k winner.

~ Craig Laban recently gave some high praise to newcomer Tired Hands

~ A fine article written by our local Philly beer lover, Lisa Grimm

~ With the fall season officially here, and the angst of when seasonal beers are released at least temporarily behind us, I took a stab at recommending a few pumpkin, wet hop, and Oktoberfest beers in my column over in the Communities section of The Washington Times.

~ GABF is a-coming and Chipper Dave has some great recommendations of how (not) to act. Great tips indeed.

~ Quite happy for the folks at Ale Asylum in Madison, Wis. Visited there a few years back and very impressed with what they had going on. Looks like they'll have a whole lot more going on pretty soon.

~ Stan came across a nice article in New Zealand where the author attempts to define "craft beer" in the country's burgeoning scene where craft, as they define it, occupies barely 2% of the beer market.

~ Bob Sylvester of Saint Somewhere Brewing Co. in Florida is a fun guy to chat with when he comes to Philly. Here's a short interview on Shelton Brothers' facebook page.

~ Stan H. led us to this link, wondering if beer is jumping the shark. I probably should have read the content before referring you to it; that might tell you how much I might agree with him.

~ Also from "out West", Jay B. dug up some fun stuff for us on vaginas and Vergina.

~ has launched a new website ...and a new service called Savvy.

~ The title is great, the content is pretty accurate as well.

~ How about one last list? This one a "favorite beer bar" list from Sure, why not?

~ And how 'bout we end on a controversial note? One where homebrewers are made a little fun of (and apparently, many are not taking too kindly too) and one where the campaign to "dislike" the video on Youtube has taken off in the "community".

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