Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 10/22/12

I've got a couple of travel-free weeks coming up, plus the New York City Marathon. I should be able to get fairly caught up around here. As I do so, here's another week of news bits and bites that should help to get you caught up as well.

~ Growlers opened earlier this month in South Philly at 8th and Fitzwater streets. It has a Time/Vintage/Bar/El Vez/Dandelion history in its owners.

~ Continuing with the Foobooz link love, they've got a short video of a walkthrough of the new Philadelphia incarnation of Fette Sau, whose opening this past weekend seems to have missed no one.

~ How do you like your IPA? Evil Genius now has a mix pack including Black, Belgian, and American.

~ Filed also under "things that happened while I've been traveling so damned much of late". The eagerly anticipated Vault Brewing Company opened earlier this month in the lovely riverside town of Yardley, Pa.

~ Brew Lounge friend, Ronna Dewey, captured beer appreciation and hunting from a different perspective that we don't often hear much about: that of a parent of young children. She wrote recently on the topic for Exton Dish.

~ Where does privatization stand in Pennsylvania? KYW/CBS doesn't give it much chance after the last few years of "getting close".

~ Beer writer from Colorado, ("Chipper") Dave Butler, was on the floor again this year at GABF and shares his insights and pictures.

~ Here's a well-considered, if not controversial, list of thoughts on GABF from writer Andy Crouch. Looks like he'll keep us hanging for a little while longer as he compiles Point 10.

~ Buried within the comments of Crouch's diatribe is a link to Garrett Oliver's thoughts on brewery staff attending and "working" the GABF festival sessions

~ And, one more GABF thought from Stan Hieronymous. When I was in Florida last week, I wasn't aware that Cigar City's Cucumber Saison had won at GABF; made me glad for the impulse $10.99 buy that I made at Knightly Spirits before hitting the airport.

~ James Spencer at Basic Brewing Radio has a brew session with craft beer "legend" Jack McAuliffe. Link to the MP3 file can be found here. Just another example of James continuing to do what he's always done well.

~ Coast to Coast Toast 2 is fast approaching. Learn here how you can participate.

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