Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 10/29/12

Hurricane Sandy might be putting a hurtin' on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, but if you still have power and Internet connectivity, you may enjoy a few of these stories/links that I've gathered up for you during the past week.

~ Finally, maybe now I'll get a chance to sample this new brew from upstate PA, about to enter the Philly market according to Jack Curtin.

~ Iron Hill has finally figured out how to retool its wildly popular and successful Mug Club, after it came under scrutiny by "the Man" (that'd be the ever-caring PLCB, looking out for the consumer's best interest, but of course) earlier this year. They've rebranded and you can read all about it here. Basically, it kicked off this past Saturday, is called King Of The Hill, and is self-proclaimed to be more comprehensive program than the predecessor Mug Club program.

~ Jack Curtin pointed us to The Huffington Post, which provide a nice primer on the fast-growing Victory Brewing Company. They got the name of Victory's hometown correct, not a small feat for many publishing outlets ;-)

~ Tröegs' Scratch 79 will be a pumpkin beer. The apparently divided brewhouse offers up this short video in an attempt to explain how they got to that point.

~ You can win a trip to Belgium. Check out the details here.

~ Thanks to BeerPulse for the link to who reported that Winking Lizard is dropping Miller Lite and Bud Light from its draft lineup. The Ohio-based chain loves their beer and one of its founding partners, John Lane, was a keynote guest at Ommegang's BCTC a couple of years ago.

~ I think I'd prefer classic James Bond to stick with a martini rather than a Heineken.

~ I'd have linked to Pete Brown's insightful posting, but then saw Stan's follow-up, so please stop by there first before going on to Brown's site.

~ OSHA's response to the Redhook/Craft Brew Alliance's tragic accident earlier this year.

~ And, lastly, a fun link from Jay Brooks.

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