Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 10/15/12

The news engine continued to hum this past week, fed in good doses by GABF. I'm not likely to get around to doing it justice for our local guys and gals, so I'll point you instead to the fine job that Jack Curtin did in telling the story of this year's Philly area winners. Though, he missed pointing out the no-show by McKenzie Brew House and their multiple award-winning Saison Vautour. They missed the announcement for entry submissions and the entry cap was hit faster than in any other year, so Ryan Michaels and the brew crew sat 2012 out.

~ Spanish Fly brewed with wormwood, yarrow and ginger as the next installment in the ongoing collaboration between Dock Sreet and Four Seasons Hotel in Philly has been officially cleared by the government for release in two days (10/17) at the hotel's Swann Lounge. Both on draft and in 12 ounce bottles.

~ Got the word from Kite & Key's Jim Kirk that some K&K alumni, Evan Clancy and Scott Pawlicki, (Kirk's involved as well) are ready to open Fountain Porter at 10th and Tasker. Tomorrow (10/16) is the first day open to the public, at 3 p.m.

~ Speaking of Dock Street, its homepage says they're in need of a brewery intern. After the two medals they brought home from GABF in Denver, some enterprising young man or woman should want to think seriously about stepping up for this position.

~ I have a soft spot for the old Bardo's in Northern Virginia (Arlington) back twenty years ago. Alexander Mitchell has some quite interesting information and links that I look forward to following quite closely. Curious location, yet not too far from Granville Moore's.

~ Very happy for Church Brew Works, a regular stop for me when in Pittsburgh, for winning GABF 2012 Large Brewpub of the Year.

~ Lew Bryson bring us up-to-speed on the next Pennsylvania beer law forum to be held at Yards.

~ Stan Hieronymous has a short and sweet, but very cool, look at one moment at GABF.

~ Tomme Arthur weighs in with some of his own GABF perspective from Lost Abbey prior to the awards show this past Saturday.

~ Been waiting for a link to this for a while. I like what writer Andy Crouch has to say here.

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