Thursday, May 26, 2016

A prelude to Philly Beer Week 2016 - t minus 8 days

Was at Earth in Mt. Airy the other day and saw the poster from this event. Reminded me of the Heavyweight Brewing event that took place at The Drafting Room in Exton nearly 10 years ago.

Also out in the western suburbs, digging up this old draft list brought me to the debut draft menu at Teresa's Next Door in Wayne. During Philly Beer Week 2016 they'll continue another year with their popular daily "2-2-2" events.

Bringing it back to the city, one of my favorite PBW events through all the years has been the "collaboration" event between Nodding Head, Dogfish Head, and the Home Brew Chef. Punk Rock and Finger Sandwiches. Curt Decker, Sam Calagione, Sean Paxton, and all the people that the event brought out along with the food, the beer, the music made this an afternoon never worth missing. How I wish they'd get together and bring this event back again. Maybe at the soon-to-be new incarnation of Nodding Head?!

On to another remembrance. General Lafayette? Remember them in Lafayette Hill, just outside Chestnut Hill? Owner/brewer Chris Leonard can now be found at Heavy Seas in Baltimore. For a short time, he also had The Tiedhouse (or the tiedhouse, if you prefer) in the city's Fairmount neighborhood. Boy, how that neighborhood continues to both stay the same and change dramatically. Quite amazing. Here's a glimpse at what they were pouring back in those days.

Lastly, but certainly no less important, I dug out a couple of my favorite beer dinner events at Monk's Cafe. There've been dozens through the years. Here are a couple that hold special meaning in the last ten years, either for the food, the beer, the people, or the reason. Check 'em out; I think you'll catch my drift.

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