Friday, May 27, 2016

A prelude to Philly Beer Week 2016 - t minus 7 days

PBW 2009: Day 4 Pictures

I'm really enjoying this trip down memory lane and today's material that I'm sharing here is from a full day that really encompassed a bit of everything back in 2009.

Check it out. It's got Monk's Cafe and a wood Lavagulin cask of JW Lees. A brewers run with an Avery, a Calagione, a Kehoe, an O'Reilly, plus a Beaumont and several others. A Session Beer Meetup with Lew Bryson at The Tiedhouse. Bumping into Woody Chandler on a train ride west (but, let's be honest, who hasn't experienced that?!). Plus a last stop at TJ's in Paoli where Megan McGuire was doing her Ommegang thing for the suburbs.

Ah, the good ol' days. And I say that wistfully because I'm on the cusp of throwing my hands up and saying wtf will come of PBW 2016? The events calendar on the official website, so critical for consumers to plan, is...

[rant redacted....until next week]

These "t-minus X days" postings were all supposed to be looking back at all the goodness of the Philly's beer past while planning for PBW 2016. So, I'm leaving it at that for now. Happy long weekend to you all.

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