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A prelude to Philly Beer Week 2016 - t minus 2 days

If you'd like to skip my quasi-rant and get right to my events of interest, page down once or twice depending upon your monitor size!

Every year in the life of Philly Beer Week, both in my role as consumer and my role as writer/documenter/freelancer/event capturer/etc/etc, has been an extreme exercise in time management, planning, and organization. I try to get to as much as possible in order to capture the "spirit" (if there is such a thing - some years it seems in greater supply than others) of the current Philly Beer Week.

To a degree, you're doing the same thing as well. Picking a point in time when you expect the calendar of events to have as little remaining variability in it as possible. So you can plan accordingly. So you know when you'd like to take some vacation time from work. So you know how many wingmen and wingwomen you'll be able to mobilize to meet up with you. But yet every year, the last week seems to be filled with a mad scramble of getting the calendar of events updated and even events planned and showing up on the calendar for the first time.

My most-informed logic says that the best events are planned weeks ahead of time so when I put a stake in the ground last Friday, there were 449 events listed on the Philly Beer Week calendar at 102 establishments. More than 10%, 48 to be exact, were at an Uno Chicago Grill or a Whole Foods. That's pretty much consistent with past year observations. Then, of course, there's the riff-raff of daily events to sift through. You know, the Taco Tuesday that happens every day of the year but yet somehow makes it to the PBW calendar. Or the $1 off specials.

With all apologies to the great events lurking out there that I haven't picked up on, don't blame me, blame the system. The calendar this year is almost as difficult to navigate as in the early years of PBW. Plus, I've not found a way that the desktop version of saving favorites to my personalized itinerary syncs to the mobile version.

On with the best of what I've found in my attempt to make a schedule for PBW. Is it possible to do them all? Of course not; but it's always fun to hope and try. Hope some of them are on your list as well.

* Deontes a Brew Lounge pick of the day (one event for each day and night)

Friday, June 3
* at 11:30 AM "Gose Gone Wild" at Brauhaus Schmitz [Link]
  --because a warm, muggy, rainy day calls for a choice of ten German Goses
at 4:00 PM Shangy's Takes Over at The Cambridge [Link]
  --because a lot of stuff from Shangy's house, but especially Jack's Abby
* at 6:00 PM Opening Tap - Philly Beer Week's official at The Fillmore [Link]
  --because it's the largest concentration of local beers that you'll see during Philly Beer Week and because The Fillmore has the potential to be the best venue for Opening Tap yet
at 8:00 PM Yards Brewing Co. Opening Tap After Party at Good Dog [Link]
  --because Cape of Good Hope
at 10:00 PM Opening Tap Afterparty With Terrapin Beer at Sancho Pistola's [Link]
  --because Sound Czech Pils collab. with Coppertail and because Casey Parker on the mic

Saturday, June 4
* at 11:00 AM it's a Firkin Riot! at Johnny Brenda's [Link]
  --because it's the firkin right thing to do for the 7th year
at 11:00 AM Official Philly Beer Week Beer Garden at Spruce Street Harbor Park [Link]
  --because I need to check out this new venue that's getting rave reviews
at 4:00 PM Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America at Good Dog [Link]
  --because I've already tasted these beers and they're downright excellent
* at 4:00 PM Lobster Bake & Wheat Beer Weekend Tent at Hop Angel Brauhaus [Link]
  --because what sounds better than lobster for dinner with a couple really good German (and local) beers?

Sunday, June 5
at 1:00 AM Brunch with Weyerbacher at Race St. Cafe [Link]
  --because brunch and Blood Orange Tarte Nouveau
* at 10:00 AM Doggy Brunch with Dogfish Head at Alla Spina [Link]
  --because you get your beer and the dogs get their own gourmet bowl of food
at 11:00 AM Conshohocken Brunch at The Industry [Link]
  --because this World Beer Cup winner will be there with their Puddler's Row and many others
at 12:00 PM Beat The Brewer Foosball Tournament with Hof ten Doormal and Free Will at Jose Pistola's [Link]
  --because foosball fun at Pistola's with these collaborative brewers
at 12:00 PM Day Camp w/ Left Hand Hardywood & Champion at Prohibition Taproom [Link]
  --because great beers from these three heavy hitters, plus games
at 2:00 PM Throwdown in Frankintown at Kite & Key [Link]
  --because a perennial favorite PBW event each year with a different story to tell
at 2:00 PM Firestone Walker Hobbs-BQ at Martha [Link]
  --because FW and Founders events are typically well-conceived and well-executed, plus, well, the beers you know?
at 4:00 PM Italian Beers at Brigantessa East Passyunk Avenue [Link]
  --because it's a perfect venue for showcasing the best of the boot
at 4:00 PM Iron Hill Sunday Beer & BBQ at Good Dog [Link]
  --because here's another perennial favorite PBW event, this one with plenty of World Beer Cup winners too
at 8:00 PM A Rabbi a Priest and a very pregnant Minister walk into a bar at Fergie's Pub [Link]
  --because this is another fun event with a few years under its belt at Fergie's and now there's a pregnant twist to the event too
* at 9:00 PM Dr. Joel's Flat Footed Roller Jam at U-Bahn [Link]
  --because I don't know what a flat-footed roller skate jam is and because Dr. Joel puts on great events and, oh yeah, New Holland beer
at 10:00 PM Dan Conway's Infamous Industry Night at Varga Bar [Link]
  --because if you wanna be in you gotta be infamous

Monday, June 6
at 12:00 PM Oxbow Lunch at Jose Pistola's [Link]
  --because another Philly brewing expat, Mike Fava, returns with more great beer
* at 3:00 PM Super Friend Monday at Memphis Taproom [Link]
  --because Curt Decker and Tomme Arthur and Memphis
at 5:00 PM Omme'gash it's Alla'gang at Good Dog [Link]
  --because three leading ladies of Philly area beer never fail to disappoint with their collaborative events
* at 5:00 PM Meet Jef Janssens of Hof Ten Dormaal at Monk's Cafe [Link]
  --becuase if you haven't met Jef, you really should and because Monk's

Tuesday, June 7
at 1:00 PM Meet John Brus of De Molen Bier & Kaapse at Monk's Cafe [Link]
  --because De Molen is at the heart of the PBW 2016 collaboration beer
* at 2:00 PM Coffee in the Beer Garden of Good and Evil at Fergie's Pub [Link]
  --because Danya Henniger is roasting beans and pouring fresh coffee and coffee beers are pouring from the taps
at 5:00 PM Buckminsters meets...Levante & Sterling at Buckminster's [Link]
  --because Levante and Sterling Pig are two very promising young breweries and because I haven't been to Buckminsters yet
* at 5:00 PM Cuvee Buonanno by Yards at London Grill [Link]
  --because Tom Buonanno was a very special component and force behind Philly beer and PBW for years and because Tequila
at 6:00 PM seafood & sours at Craftsman Row Saloon [Link]
  --because I'd like to see what has become of the old Coco's
at 6:00 PM PBC Feline 500 at Doobies Bar [Link]
  --because Doobies does a cat-related benefit or two every year during PBW so go
at 6:00 PM Coppertail Returns to Philly at Good Dog [Link]
  --because you know Good Dog will put on a great show for returning Philly brewing expat, Casey Hughes
at 10:00 PM Shiner & a Bulleit Quizzo at El Camino Real [Link]
  --because beer, whiskey, trivia, and tacos

Wednesday, June 8
* at 12:00 PM Captain Lawrence Lunch at Jose Pistola's [Link]
  --because Captain Lawrence and burritos
at 4:00 PM Oysters & Beer at London Grill [Link]
  --because Cape May beer and Cape May Salts
at 4:00 PM Allagash Happy Hour at South Philadelphia Tap Room [Link]
  --because Allagash has some very, very good new beers in the market
at 5:00 PM Firestone Walker Sour Happy Hour at Good Dog [Link]
  --because FW makes some very good sours and a very good dog will be serving them
at 6:00 PM Deer Creek Malthouse in the House! at Martha [Link]
  --because our local maltster is one of the last year's most interesting stories
at 6:00 PM Kingpin! at Standard Tap [Link]
  --because you've never seen pins of beer drained so fast
* at 7:00 PM Ceviche With Coppertail Brewing & Casey at Sancho Pistola's [Link]
  --because ceviche and because beer from a guy that loves to fish in the Gulf and Atlantic
at 9:00 PM Conway Burgle #Sattened PBW Remix at U-Bahn [Link]
  --because Conway and because Satten, two hard-working, hustling beer reps with great beer at a fun subterranean bar

Thursday, June 9
* at 10:00 AM Get Yer Fill of Pils & Pierogies (+Photo Booth) at Grey Lodge Pub [Link]
  --because how better to start the day than with pierogies and pilsners?
at 11:30 AM "Sky Garten Grand Opening" at Brauhaus Schmitz [Link]
  --because I need to see this beer garden in the sky (note: this event is at Top Of The Tower, 51st floor, not at Brauhaus Schmitz)
at 3:00 PM Exclusive Beer Launch: Captain Lawrence at Barcade [Link]
  --because new beer from Captain Lawrence
at 4:00 PM Beer and Boats at Bartram's Garden [Link]
  --because I don't know what beer and boats means but I'd like to check it out, partly because of location and partly because of Weyerbacher
at 5:00 PM Buckminster's Meets...2SP at Buckminster's [Link]
  --because 2SP is one of the region's most promising new breweries of the last year
at 5:00 PM Canival with Victory Brewing Company at Percy Street BBQ [Link]
  --because cans and barbecue
at 6:00 PM Firkins With Fergie at Grace Tavern [Link]
  --because firkins, because Fergie, and because of one of the city's better kept secret locations
* at 6:00 PM Keepin' it Local w/ PBC & Nodding Head at The Good King Tavern [Link]
  --because I'm jonesing some Nodding Head beers and I'm counting on Fleur de Lehigh as well

Friday, June 10
* at 12:00 PM Scotch Egg Fest at The Victoria Freehouse [Link]
  --because I love Scotch Eggs and because it's been too long since I've had some UK-based beers at Victoria
at 3:00 PM 2-2-2 Russian River at Teresa's Next Door [Link]
  --because any day would be great day to stop for the always-popular 2-2-2 event at TND, but this is an extra special one
at 5:00 PM Sly Fox & Tröegs Canwood Derby at Good Dog [Link]
  --because this has fun written all over it
at 5:00 PM Pizza Boy Menu and Tap Takeover at Pizzeria Vetri - Rittenhouse [Link]
  --because Pizza Boy beer and pizza from Vetri sounds like a natural
* at 5:00 PM Book & Firkin Event with author Bryan Kolesar at Saint Benjamin Brewing Company Taproom [Link]
  --because this is my event, duh

Saturday, June 11
at 12:00 PM Barrel-aged & Big Beer at Bainbridge Street Barrel House [Link]
  --because I haven't been to Bainbridge in way too long
at 12:00 PM Fishtown FestivAle at Johnny Brenda's [Link]
  --because this is another perennial favorite event linking together some of Frankford Ave. finest
* at 12:00 PM Wayne Music with Teresa's and at Teresa's Next Door [Link]
  --because jazz and Tröegs and TND
at 12:00 PM Pints for PAWS with Weyerbacher Brewing at Whole Foods Market Devon - Mile Post Pub [Link]
  --because dogs and beers and charity
* at 2:00 PM Deschutes Street Pub at Deschutes Street Pub [Link]
  --because this is a spectacle that you must see
at 7:00 PM Beach Party with Saltwater at Doobies Bar [Link]
  --because I didn't get enough Saltwater beer at PBW 2015 and they now apparently have edible six-pack rings

Sunday, June 12
at 12:00 PM Florida Breweries Tap at Bainbridge Street Barrel House [Link]
  --because the Florida beer scene has really exploded and I need to learn more
* at 2:30 PM Dock Street Music Fest and Scavenger Run at Dock Street Brewery [Link]
  --because this is the best free music event you'll ever attend and because Dock Street beer
* at 7:00 PM TTUD - That Totally Unnecessary Drink at Fergie's Pub [Link]

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