Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Philly Beer Week 2016. Monday. Yes, but it's Monday, Day 4, of PBW.

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Day 4 was a very targeted set of events for me. Even though distractions and diversions are always welcomed and entertained, today I was hoping to stay as true to plan as possible. It also was going to be the most accurate of how healthy Philly Beer Week is here in its 9th year. Even though I attended three events of at least "75 scheduled", would they be well attended by a diverse spectrum of beer lovers or would they look more like industry insider events? My unscientific observations say they looked more like the latter than the former.

And...it worked out pretty well if I do say so. A little something like this...

- trained it into the city with a beer from the other side of the state. Have always loved the perfectly balanced East End Big Hop IPA and it served its role quite well. Jumping off the El at Girard allowed me to see what appeared to be the broken remnants of the Hammer of Glory's conveyance during Friday night's parade from Johnny Brenda's to The Fillmore.

- Amtrak to El to Uber gets me walking through the door at Memphis Taproom just 70 minutes after leaving home. For all the connecting transport involved this was pretty darn good time; way better than driving during rush hour. And way better to get a ten-year-old Nodding Head Philly Phunk into my hands ASAP! Followed quickly by a Lost Abbey Red Poppy and finally by a Highway Manor Say John Saison. Lots of funk all around and just what I expected at my first stop of the night. Also learned that I must still learn more about this new Highway Manor.

- then it was a quick ride across town to find the Free Will/Hof ten Doormal tag team wonder showing their stuff at Monk's Cafe. It was dinner time, so a Hof ten Doormal-New Belgium collaboration Blonde beer was just the ticket with a Monk's burger. Also, following my sample serving from Opening Tap with s full glass at Monk's confirmed for certain that the collaboration beer between Free Will and Hof ten Doormal that has been whiling away the days in oak since last PBW has indeed turned out very well. It's called Brew And Destroy and you should seek it out ASAP! (that's two ASAP-exclamation points in one day, btw)

- finally it was on to the Logan location of City Tap House where a special beer - Cuvée Buonanno - was brewed and put on tap by Yards to honor the beer legacy that was Tom Buonanno's, aka Tommy B, who passed away last year. Although I arrived too late for the beer, I learned there are a mere 17 sixtels available for the market. Only three will be available during PBW, Yards will hold a few back for the brewery's taproom, and the remainder will be found around the region post-PBW.

That's it. Three very good events for three very good reasons. After a few days off, you'll see me back around town on Friday. Keep it going....Cheers!

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