Friday, October 07, 2016

October 2016: News update, part 1

Let's go with this quick and easy format for a twice-monthly news update so that I can look like I'm staying on top of things around here.

~ Harrisburg has a new brewery. Hoping to stop by there later this month. Jeff Musselman, formerly of Tröegs, is involved. [Link to Millworks]

~ Selling out? I prefer to simply call it selling. A well-reasoned approach to the never-ending debate. [Link to Modern Times]

~ Can't say I saw this one coming. Roy Pitz from south-central PA (Chambersburg, to be exact, in Franklin County) opening up an outpost in Philly. [Link to]

Stone is finally up and running in Berlin. Pretty cool stuff. [Link to Stone on YouTube]

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