Friday, August 18, 2017

Tracking down great beer and beer events: A Brew Lounge free service for 12 years.

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I guess it takes something of a determined tenacity to keep this thing here going for now over 12 years. That actually comes rather naturally to me and maybe that can be seen too in my fondness for long distance running, training, and participating in marathons.

Consistency, on the other hand and no matter my best intentions, is not always so easy when it comes to what content and what style gets put out here for your consumption. Maybe that's human nature. Maybe it's also the "fault" or impact of changing communication (read: social media, short attention spans for starters).

The one thing that has remained both consistent here at The Brew Lounge and wildly popular with visitors to the site has been my weekly and monthly event calendar postings. Admittedly does not take a ton of writing talent, rather a whole lot of organizational skill and dogged adherence to a consistent schedule. Monthly lists just prior to the upcoming month and detailed weekly lists each Thursday morning. It didn't take long for me to discover the most likely reason that they're so wildly popular week in and week out is because -- wait for the startling revelation here -- people want to know where they can find and drink great beer. I know, mind blown right?!

Been doing it for the better part of 12 years. No more comprehensive listing of beer events anywhere in the greater Philly region has existed during that time. No question. Period. No charge, no membership, no subscription required to either list events or receive the lists. Never has been, never will be.

You likely didn't know that there's one easy place to go to see evidence of that. Yup, I've been keeping a tidy list of all the past calendars since they first began in late 2005. For some reason, recently been feeling a bit of pride for this so I figured I'd share. Not that you have much reason to go back and sift through old event calendars. But, I must say that even I'm a bit awestruck by the consistent history that I put together in this area.

Beer Event Calendar Index

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