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Monday, February 02, 2009

Do you know your way to San Francisco Beer Week?

Well, if you don't, then you might wind up in San Jose. Not that there's anything wrong with San Jose, but they don't have nearly the craft brewing scene that the San Francisco Bay Area has. And certainly not nearly what will be taking place from February 6-15. So, you need a good planning tool to get you around San Francisco Beer Week. As did I. I'll be in the Bay Area and taking in a handful or so of events while there. But, as with my planning for Philly Beer Week, I had difficulty using the official SFBW website to plan anything for more than one day or one area in which to take in SFBW. So, I did what anyone with my tendencies would do and made a tidy little list of all events to aid with my planning...and shared it with you. I won't be twittering while there; so don't ask :) But, if you and I haven't already spoken with you about meeting up during SFBW, drop me an ol' fashioned e-mail.


Rob said...

I guess it would seem a little cheeky to mention that most folks consider San Jose to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, likewise an active participant in SF Beer Week representing the South Bay...

Bryan Kolesar said...

nah, that's cool; I sort of figured I had that coming :)

Just chalk it up to some East Coast playin'....though still interesting to see the several more events scheduled in Santa Cruz than San Jose.

Rob said...

Yeah, I'll give you that. And as a native, I find it a little head-scratching to consider a beach town miles away down some god-forsaken two lane deathtrap of a highway could be considered "Bay Area", but to give props where they're due, Santa Cruz really seems to be getting big into the game.

Bryan Kolesar said...

I have family with a place in Santa Cruz and have been a few times, so I know first hand about their burgeoning scene.

Maybe even more surprising was a place called Sand City that I'd never heard of...turns out to be even farther south!

Well, I almost have my hit-list planned for SFBW; maybe I'll see you along the way.