Saturday, February 28, 2009

Escape with some Refreshing Thoughts from a Local Brewer

Brewers blogs are nice, sometimes quite useful. Sometimes, though, they tend to be a bit dry, fact-based, and not very insightful with regard to their deepest most honest opinions. Chris Leonard has a new blog that he snuck up on us; I haven't noticed anyone else linking to it. I found it somewhat buried on the tiedhouse's website when I was looking for more information about Lew Bryson's Session Beer event during Philly Beer Week. This blog has got some good stuff written by Chris that certainly provides food for thought. Speaking of food and thought, the post that caught my attention the most was the one related to birthday cakes. (not brewing related, surprised?) Anytime I've been out for a birthday meal for a co-worker, or such, I've always wondered about what the restaurant's real opinion of the cake was that we might happen to bring through the door with us. Hearing Chris' thoughts on this subject and others he raise are quite refreshing and revealing. He has the tone that suggests he might not stick with it long term. I hope he does.

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