Thursday, August 18, 2005

Beer Words: Wort

First you might want to look a this abridged list of beer words. It's handy and the definitions are short. So what is this thing called wort? I don't know about you, but, I love to say it. People look at you funny and you can pretend you are a real brewer ;-). Here's my definition... Wort is what you call the liquid that you cook on the stove when brewing. When you are done cooking it you ferment it and make beer. A basic wort will contain water, sugar (in the form of malt extract) and hops. This is the first chance you get to control the taste of your beer by adding various ingredients. The word in use... When making the typical 5 gallons of homebrew you may choose to cook your entire 5 gallon wort at once. If you don't have a pot big enough for this, you can cook a smaller wort at first and add the remaining water to the wort later just before you ferment. By the way, wort, is a good woody word ;-) Yes, "wort" is good and woody. What about "sparge" and "malt"? Oh and don't forget about "Zymurgy", "Spa-a-rge" heheh "Zymu-u-urgy". Oh dear. There's a funny thing, -- all the brewing words sound woody ;-)

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